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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sleepy Alligator

Wow.. I've decided just now that I'm officially deprived of sleep! I haven't gotten more than 6 hours in a night in over a week.. maybe two. It's been insane! Some people can totally function on that and do it every day. I am not one of those kinds of people! Today I've been sitting at my desk fighting to keep my eyes open. All I can think about is my bed! I am only human you know.. :) There's only so many days one can go on minimal sleep before a crash comes.
I posted pics from today and yesterday below. I like my outfits from both day... I'm so freaking excited about warmer weather!!! If you frequently read my little blog you know that already!
I skipped the outfit post and posted wedding pics yesterday, which I think turned out very well. Both today and yesterdays outfits are simple. I've decided to wear lots of towering platforms this spring/summer. Here you see two of my newest pairs! I love them both and got them both at very nice prices!!

I just thought my facial expression was funny in this picture. I don't know what I was doing!
Again.. weird thoughtful shot

Wearing: Banana Republic cardigan; borrowed dress from Kristie Jo, UO wayfairer sunglasses, Express tights, vintage ring and necklace, watch from ATL market, shoes from Charlotte Russe
Below is my outfit from Monday. It was a laid back day.. I was dying to wear my new brown platforms! Paired them with new BDG oversized blouse/tee and BDG skinnies.. both from UO

I plan to go to bed very early tonight in hopes of feeling rejuvinated and well-rested tomorrow!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! If it stays nice and warm I will be simply fantastic!! Give me sunshine and flowers and I will (almost) always be happy! :)


Big C said...

Love the new shoes. Hope you get lots of rest tonight!

Faridah said...

Cute outfits!

M&E said...

L O V E both your shoes.
nice post ^_^