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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You got friends, you ain't lonely

"I had a friend she once told me "you got love, you ain't lonely..."
Friends ~Led Zeppelin

What I wore~ Miss Sixty leather bomber; hand-me-down sweater hoodie; Mystree jumper dress; Ecote at UO tee; random socks; Target wedges; vintage necklace; UO wayfairers

The Lovely April~ Anthropologie pants; J. Crew silk ruffle tank; no name cardi

Below is Lynn.. another adorable and unique lady I have the pleasure of working with.. I took this picture last week.. I believe she said both cardi and dress were from Old Navy and boots from Target.. Thank you much ladies for letting me post you guys!! You are both so fun to see each day!

It's been a pretty good day for me. Sunny outside w/ cool but nice temperature. My friend Scott came through in the clutch!! Much appreciate Scott!! You rock! Another good friend is coming home from Germany this weekend... Rebecca a.k.a. Re a.k.a. Becca
She is adorabe all the time but she is PREGNANT now. I'm so excited to see her preggers.. It's gonna be so cute! I'll definitely have pictures to show. We are having a coming home party for her on Saturday. Her hubby is stationed in Germany and can't make it this time.. They don't come home too terribly often... But it's a nice way to get everyone back together. :)
Tomorrow is going to be a gorgeous day in good ole Alabama!!! I have to have my photo taken at work too.. So, I'll be sure to dress very cute and take some good outfit pics! I'll also TRY tp give these wedges a rest for a bit.. I hope. Maybe not.. I love them!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!! Thank you so much for reading!

1 comment:

Partain said...

April is so freakin Fabulous! and Lynn is so cute.

Love the JACKET you are wearing!
And I think it is wonderful and you look so fashionable wearing socks! LOVE IT.
And Love you!!