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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Well i'm convinced the whole day long that all I learn is always wrong..."

"I was taught a month ago to bide my time and take it slow. But then I learned just yesterday to rush and never waste the day..." ~ Phish

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that today was the most beautiful day of 2010 in Alabama so far.. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming and everyone was smiling!! How could we not all be smiling? It was near perfect weather!! I spent as much of my day outside as possible. I ate a wonderful lunch w/ my mom and brother. We enjoyed some great conversation outside, sitting at a table on the sidewalk. It was awesome!!!
I got sweet baby bro to take a photo with me. April snuck her fingertip in there. My pants and his hoodie are pretty much the same color. But, they don't translate that way on camera. He looked really cool today.. as usual! The pants I'm wearing have become my FAVORITE! They are 100% silk and slouchy and perfect! I found them in the sale room at Anthropologie one day.. They were marked down from like $118 to $24.. I'm probably a little off but the point is they were a steal! Last time I wore them w/ a flowy shirt and seriously felt like I was wearing PJs.

I took pictures of April again today. She was wearing this fantastic vintage dress she got at a secondhand store called Collage that is here in town. She brought it back to work one day along w/ a beautiful green silk skirt. I'd actually tried on the skirt on my last trip but opted not to get it. I can't wait to see how she styles it. Back to the dress though, how awesome is this thing? The zipper details are bada$$!! She look fabulous in it!
We had to get one together today.. I'm feeling a little boyish in this photo.. Like I'm her bodyguard or something.. Although.. what the hell would I ever "guard" very well?? Ha!

I'm kinda bummed b/c I was supposed to spend the night w/ Sheri Ashley tonight. I walked out w/o my bag this morning :( BOO!!! She understands though.. I'm forgetful and ALWAYS in a hurry in the a.m. I love you Sheri Ash!! a.k.a. my tourpal a.k.a. bestie! I miss you and we are DEFINITELY reuniting next week!
Well, I guess I'll quit rambling now. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day wherever you are!
Thank you very much for reading!


Partain said...

You are so cool and oh my gosh this is my favorite post yet! April is stunning! What an elegant gazelle.


and the fit!

Wish we could have seen each other tonight! But it worked out for the best. It was Staci's Birthday and she called around 3 to ask me to go to dinner at Do di yo's with Rebecca and Jezsi for her bday. I love that place. And I love you!

Ra said...

your pants. amazing.

i'm jealous of your kick ass alabama weather. west texas is about to freaking blow away as we speak. sickkkk.

um, can we be bffl? i swear we are kindred spirits like whoa.