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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Kiss the mountain air we breath.. goodbye it's time to fly..."

Okay.. know going into this post that it is a little random.. There are several days worth of things on here.. but I know that if I didn't get it all up tonight, I probably wouldn't have got it all up at all. So, you get a shmorgishborg.. I spelled that the best I could ;) These are some pics of me today.. It was cleary a black out day for me! I just needed to be warm really. I woke up to lots of "cold rain and snow" I hope some of you got that little reference :) I'm wearing my new cardigan w/ cutout sleeves given to me by my friend Susan. Thanks doll! I need to play around w/ it a little more! It needs color behind it!
Keep reading!!! I have a few pics from the bachelorette weekend at the bottom!!!

Wanted to get a picture of my pretty narley rings! I call them my brass nuckles!! They could really do some damage in a time of need!
Pictures taken of me yesterday.. Wearing my Miss Sixty leather jacket and my new hair cut and color!! Thank goodness!!! It was WAY past time!! Tamra (pictured below) did an excellent job on my tresses! I am very appreciative! Thanks T-bird!!!

Here are some pictures of our lovely bachelorette for approximately 4 more days.. She is the reason for our extravaganza in Nashville!! It was two days of shinanigan after shinanigan!!! I have more fun pictures but I'll need approval from Miss, soon to be Mrs. Elise before putting those up. Some of them are a little R rated :) I'll get to that as soon as possible though. By R rated I mean, Jennifer, one of our weekend warriors, brought some fun "accesories" from the "love store" for Elise to wear :) It was a sight to be seen!

Here is Elise on the second night as we played a question game. Jennifer asked her fiance, Klayton, a list of questions.. If Elise got it right, we had to drink. If she got it wrong, she had to drink and someone had to do it w/ her... Her choice! We were buzzed before dinner!

This was taken during the day on Saturday for our trip to the Whiskey Kitchen.. a very cool restaurant in Nashville w/ more whiskies than could ever be good to have in one place. She looked so pretty!!!! Dress and cardigan: Anthropologie

This is our lovely bachelorette the first night.. We borrowed some drunken cowboy's hat for the pic. You can see her beautiful engagement ring very well here.. Good Job Klayton!
(This looks like a Bud Light add)

Last of the bachelorette weekend pictures for now... Elise, Laura, and Tamra. These three gorgeous ladies let me dress them for the night. It was fun being stylist to my little starlets. They all looked so great! Yes, Tamra is wearing a romper and yes it was VERY hard for her to go to the potty.. It got more and more amusing as the night wore on!!
I hope you enjoyed today's post! I'm sorry if it was a little too random! I'll do better w/ organization next time.. I'll hopefully post some more "fun" pictures from the weekend soon too!
Have a wonderful week everyone!


Partain said...

Elise has so many fabulous flowy clothes. I love it! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!

The Jazzy Belle said...

We did!! It was awesome! She does have a very whimsical, girly style about her, that Elise! :) Most everything she wears is from Anthropologie! You should do a fashion super heroes post on her sometime