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Thursday, March 11, 2010

"wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today"

"....someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair..."
Led Zeppelin

Shirt, Scrapbook Originals; skinnies, BDG; oxfords, Aldo; Sunglasses, UO;
Lazy morning for me.. Didn't wash my hair.. Thank God for baby powder!! Didn't wear heels.. though I planned to but didn't want to ruin them the day I debut them.. Didn't even put on jewelry.. The watch was in my car. But, it still turned out to be a pretty good day for me. I think its the sunshine. I planned for rain all day, which is why I wore "high-water" pants and flat shoes. I was going for comfort and ease. But, that sunshine came peeking through at me pretty quickly after I got to work. It made my day so much better. As the spring season approaches I'm so ready I can barely stand it. Time changes this weekend and I'll have longer days! YAY! I work until 7pm Monday thru Thursday. So, longer nights are really great for me! Sometimes I can still go for walks in the summer after I get home. What are some of your favorite things about spring time? I'd love to hear.
I'm hoping the warm weather is here to stay. I plan to soak some rays this weekend somehow. I'm not doing much but relaxing! I've been going every weekend for months now. It's time to chill out. I do want to get crafty this weekend. I'll show and tell what I do next week sometime.. hopefully :)
I hope everyone has a lovely week that flows into a fabulous weekend! Thanks for reading!