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Thursday, March 4, 2010


It feels like a nice squeezy hug to receive our first blog award!

The Happy 101 Blog Award was given to us by The Air Conditioned Gypsy! We are so excited and grateful! Thank you thank you thank you Ra!

Upon accepting this award, one must abide by the following rules:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award (DUH!)
  2. Name 10 things that make you happy
  3. Pass this award on to 10 other blogs and inform the winners
So we thank you Ra VERY much for thinking of us and bestowing this great honor!

10 Things That Make Me/Us (The Jazzy Belle & Partain) HAPPY

This is the stadium that the Alabama Crimson Tide play in.
ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Outdoor Concerts/Festies 
See full size image

3. Slumber Parties 

4. Milk Shakes

5. Cooking with friends

6. Sewing half of a skirt, getting creative, breaking the sewing machine, then complaining about it for years

7. Handmade Jewelry

8. 2nd Hand Shopping

9. Glitter

10. Daydreaming 

Thank you for reading!

And the Award goes to....

So these are 10 of our fave's that we felt deserve a little sidebar bling!

    Past winners worth mentioning are

    Some pictures were found from a google search of images.


    niki.mac said...

    Thank you so much for passing along the award to SBP!

    lorenabr said...

    Congrats:) enjoy

    THE DIVINITUS said...

    hi! congrats on your award,
    and thank you for giving me one too!
    btw. supercute blog, enjoying your answers ;)

    Stace said...

    Oooooh I love slumber parties and glitter. Congrats for the award!

    TEE&FAME x

    The Jazzy Belle said...

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!!! We were really excited to get this award from Ra and be able to pass it along! Please pass it along yourselves and let us know when you do.. We'll want to check it out :) I know Sheri feels the same.. We love this little 'blog world' and all the lovely people who share in the fun!