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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Traditions

Here are several pictures taken over the past few years of me and my family. Rachel over at inspired me today. She posted some sweet pics of her fam and I decided to do the same. I have an absolutely amazing family! I'm so lucky. We are all extremely close. My brother is 2 years and 2 months younger than me. He is one of my best friends in this world. My family travels together and has lots of tradition. So, today's post is an ode to my beautiful family. I love you Hap (dad), Big C (mom), Baby Bro (Jere) and Allee (the giant St. Bernard asleep w/ us). I also love Chubby (my cat) and Gabby (my mom's weinee dog) who are not featured on the blog today :)

Jere and I dressed up at work during the week before Halloween. It was obviously 70's day. The thing about my outfit is that I wear every single thing in the costume anyway. Jere wore that awesome old school leisure suit!

Jere and Allee and I all sharing a COUCH bed on our parents RV during the SEC championship ball game weekend in ATL. It was hilarious! Thanks to Big C for capturing the moment.

Jere and I on the night he graduated college. I wore this dress a few posts ago. It was a wonderful evening. Love you Jere!

Jere and I tailgating at an Alabama football game this past season. Our parents have an RV and go to every single game. They didn't miss not one this year! ROLL TIDE!!!

Jere and me at our friends engagement party two summers ago. I wish you could see my necklace better. He brought it back to me from Brazil a few years back. I love it. I'll wear it for a pic soon.

Another dress up day before Halloween. This is my New Years dress (from Free People) but I busted it out for this too. It was supposed to be "Prom Day." I didn't look very prom like but I still had a ball! Jere was prom king in high school and yes that is his crown!

Mom and me at the beach a few years back. We had walked up to a beachside restaurant for a little snack.. Yum!

Dad and me at my college graduation party. We danced all night. I graduated w/ three of my close friends. Our parents threw a huge party for us on the patio at one of our favorite bars in Tuscaloosa. It was an unforgettable experience... graduating college w/ friends and family there to celebrate it... the best! Another great thing about it were the two amazing dresses my parents bought for me to wear that day. This one is a BCBG and the other Anna Sui for Anthropologie. I love them both still. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Another game day picture. This is my dad's game day face! He gets SO EXCITED!!! It's adorable! ROLL TIDE ROLL... AGAIN!

Pic of the fam during the day of Jere's graduation. :)
Well, thanks for sharing in a little family album session w/ me. I hope tons of people out there are lucky enough to be close w/ their family like I am. I don't know what I'd do w/o them.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week. I am! Going home tonight to work on my DIY shirt. Sheri and I didn't quite get around to the necklaces last night. We stayed at TJMaxx for 2 hours. Yikes! It was fun.


Teresa said...

What a cute photo of all of you in the bed including the Saint Bernard!

Ra said...

ah these pictures make me happy! looks like your family is as bad ass as mine.