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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion and Friends

Everytime I wear this shirt I think of Michael Jackson.. Random.. I know! But, I think of the song "Black or White." Then I think about my cousin, Amanda, and how we used to dance to that song like crazy... all MJ really but that one in particular circa 1995. Love this outfit. The pants are so comfy.. My peace sign ring is pretty awesome too. It's pretty gaudi but I love it.. It jingles.. My mom got it for me for Christmas :) I decided to post some pics of friends at work today too. Please check them out. They are all wonderful people with so much personal style.

Express shirt; UO trousers; Charlotte Russe pumps; UO sunglasses; 2 Vintage rings; Grateful Dead "ripple" ring; lightning bolt earrings but you can't see them

Here are my sweet friends and co-workers (and brother). I work with some really stylish people! It's fun to come in and see what people are wearing each day. I took a few photos and will briefly tell about them and their style :)

Here is Joel.. He's EXTREMELY laid-back.. usually in slacks, button-up or oxford and a jacket or fleece. NEVER wears socks.. but, does it so well. Always smiling and looking like he may go on a hike at any moment. He's also the guy behind the camera for most of my pics.. I appreciate him. Thanks buddy!! :)
Jere- you've met him before- baby bro! Always looking so urban and classic.. Loves tailored looks.. You usually find him in a cool tee w/ a cardigan, jeans, and some kind of boat style tennis shoe.. he has the kind he's wearing in like every single color.. That isn't his desk but he got those shoes today. So, I wanted to take a pic! Always stylish! Like sister, like brother I guess :)

Sweet Amy... She was laughing and didn't look at the camera.. but, that's okay.. I LOVE to see Amy everyday.. She's such a bohemian little mama.. Layers well, fun shoes, unique jewelry and the best damn coats EVER! These boots are pretty killer today! I told her she looks like she's going to a Fleetwood Mac show :) I'd go with...

and Miss April... you've met her before.... Always classy and chic.. Tailored pants and blazers w/ metallic or silk blouses.. Loves pretty shoes and always has a stained red lip.. Might be my favorite thing about her style. She shops as much as I do so it's fun to talk about each day/week.. psshhh... DAY!

Hope you enjoyed my stylish friends and ME today.. I enjoyed photographing them although my picture taking isn't that great. I got a new NIKON D3000 and I'm determined to learn to use it really soon... My cybershot is just too easy for me :) Yep.. I'm a slacker!

I hope everyone finishes out their week very well!!! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get some pretty pictures to post later.. They are saying 3 to 5 inches! YAY!!



Anonymous said...

One of my fave posts yet Ste. Its good.

Big C said...

Love the post today. Featuring the friends from work was a good idea, but loved the pics of stylish you the best!!!