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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Mambo

Today is FAT TUESDAY of MARDI GRAS!!! There is always a HUGE I mean HUUGGEEE celebration down in New Orleans and in Mobile Alabam.. I've been to the celebration in Mobile.. It was so fun! But, never braved the seas of people, endless alcohol and parties till sunrise in New Orleans.. Sounds fun though huh? I'll do it one day. I go to Jazz Fest in Nola, which is always a similar good time. So much good jazz music, amazing culture and again... alcohol! You can't talk about "The Big Easy" without that aspect. It's just part of the culture there :)
We had a mardi gras party at work today to celebrate Fat Tuesday! We always do.. My baby bro was crowned "King of Mardi Gras." I didn't get a picture of him though :( He wore a crown and threw beads to everyone. We had king cake (traditional to Mardi Gras), jambalaya, and red beans-n-rice too. It's been a very fun day!
I was kind of a slacker this year dressing up though.. well, not kind of. I WAS a slacker. Last year I wore fun peacock tights and bright colors. This year the beads had to be my flair.. My concentration was on food this morning.. Not clothes.
If you've never heard of or celebrated Mardi Gras before, do a little research. You don't have to be from the south to celebrate. No matter where I am through life I'll always celebrate Fat Tuesday, appreciate Mardi Gras and LOVE New Orleans!

thrifted button-up shirt; H&M bandage skirt; Express tights; Steve Madden booties; Mystree cardigan; Fossil sunglasses; DIY necklace; necklace; vintage ring
I leave you with a song lyric at the end tonight...
"Down in New Orleans where the blues was born, It takes a cool cat to blow that horn...
... Mardi Gras mambo, mambo, mambo..." - The Meters


Partain said...

love the cardi sleeves!!!!

FashionHippieLoves said...

great look!


KatieSimcox said...

I love those shoes. they look flat, are they? tres chic my dear

The Jazzy Belle said...

they are actually not flat.. they have a four(ish) inch heel on them. I was in the pine straw which was deceiving. Thanks for the sweet comments!