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Monday, February 1, 2010

Winterfest 2010~ Life is a Carnival!!

"Life is a carnival-- believe it or not.. Life is a carnival-- two bits a shot.." The Band

So.. I went to Gatlinburg this past weekend w/ my BF. It was awesome!!! We stayed in an adorable cabin/chalet. Everyone kept telling us it was going to snow all weekend. We were excited either way. Well... It did! Friday we went over into Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge to go skiing and ice skating (I became a pro skater). As soon as we got out of the car to go get on the tram up the mountain the snow started coming down. It snowed for two whole days! By the time we left yesterday it was 5-6 inches in some places! We took lots of fun pictures in the snow. But, we took them w/ my Nikon D3000 and I only have my Sony Cybershot w/ me today. So, the snow photos will have to wait another day.

We got back kinda late last night. I was worn out when I got home and went pretty much straight to sleep. So... I'm not looking my best today. I stayed in bed as long as I possibly could this morning. This is my casual, lazy day outfit for work. You can usually tell if it's one of those days by a few key things: hair in ponytail w/ bobby pins, button-up Polo shirt and/or flat shoes. Those are my give-aways. :) I bought these mocassins on our trip. For some reason every time I go to Pigeon Forge/Gburg I end up buying some kind of leather or suede accessory or shoe.. usually I buy mocassins. Last time I got a pair of house shoe mocassins at the J. Crew outlet. The time before that I got suede clogs from Steve Madden. This time I got Minnetonka suede mocs w/ fringe, rubber soles and a back zipper. These and a pair of fossil aviator sunglasses were my two purchases. I love them! I guess its just something about those mountains!

The trip was great!! We ate good food, saw nature at its best, met nice people, got a little athletic w/ the snow sports, shopped and had a blast!!!
Pictures are kind of random today. I wanted to show off my new shoes. I also tried to capture my frog necklace and gaudi ring. They are both bright gold and possibly the only gold jewelry I actually wear. Here are a few pics.. I'll have better tomorrow!

I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful weekend too! I will be posting pics of the snow and fun very soon. Please stay tuned for them. Please continue to have a safe and pleasant week. Continue to think of and pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti and around the world who are struggling right now!



Erica said...

love the stripes


Clara said...

wow! amazing
i love your look

Laura said...

Love the blog, girl!

Ra said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Ughh I'm in great need of a weekend getaway...that's why I'm visiting my hometown this weekend. Not quite Gatlinburg, but Hamilton, Texas will hold me over until spring break!