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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"People say you learn from what you see, na na not from what you hear. I can't help being confused; If it's true, won't you tell me dear?.......... I heard it through the grapevine, how much longer will you be mine?"- Creedence Clearwater Revival :)

boyfriend jeans, Express; sweater, gift from local boutique; booties, Anthropologie

I'm going to do a few quick posts today to catch up from not really posting this week so far... none of the pics really go together anyway. I took some photos on Friday of a casual outfit I was wearing.. I went to lunch w/ my grandmother (Mawmaw) and my Aunt Colleen. It was fun to hang out and chat with them. Had a fun relaxing weekend. Watched some interesting movies. One of them was called "Invention of Lying" starring Jennifer Garner and the manager from the British version of "The Office." I suggest watching it if you are bored and want to watch a quirky comedy.

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