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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Music makes me lose control..."

So.. spring time is coming.. If you read my post yesterday you know that I'M READY!!! All I can do is think about sunshine, flowers, cool water and MUSIC.. Which, if you really read this blog, you know that I'm obsessed w/ music. I have a few bands I am VERY loyal to and will go almost anywhere to see. Another reason I love spring so much is b/c it is the start of the summer tour and festival season. Bands go on tour and come together at HUGE festivals to give people like me three days of musical bliss!
I may look like a girly girl. But, this girl gets down. I camp, I hike, I go a few days w/o a bath.. all in the name of music. This year is going to be a VERY special year. So far I have several things on my plate. Wannee Festival in Florida, The Hangout festival in Orange Beach, AL and Jazz Fest in New Orleans are three major music events I'm really looking forward to. Then we have things like Widespread Panic playing The Wharf in Orange Beach, which I've vowed to NEVER miss again.. I almost did last year and my great friend Scott came to the rescue! Thanks buddy! I may hit you up again ;)
Spring time is great for so many reasons! For me, the music is my favorite thing. My life gets a little crazy.. that's for sure! But I wouldn't have it any other way! I've made some incredible memories and experienced things that I'll cherish forever!
Thanks for listening to my rant on great music!! What bands will you see this spring? What festivals will you attend? There is always something great going on in the South.. I'm sure it's the same in most places. Check out your local music scene.. support the art of music! It is an art that will set your spirit free!!

Feeling a little "Rockstar" myself today in all this black.. hehe! That sunshine was a bit deceiving.. It was COLD! We got the shots though. :)
wearing: BDG skinny jeans; tee and cardigan from That's Hot boutique; shoes from Charlotte Russe; necklace and ring vintage; sunglasses are Fossil;
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!! I'll be watching more Olympics!
Thanks for reading!
Stevi :)


Anonymous said...

What's your real name ?

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The Jazzy Belle said...

So anonymous.. I told mine.. so, what is yours? hmmm