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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Rain

"I just want someone to say to me oh oh oh oh... I'll always be there when you wake.."
-Blind Melon

Dress and Cardigan- Anthropologie; Tights- The Limited; Belt- Simply Vera, Vera Wang; Cami- Bebe; Sunglasses- Fossil; Pumps- Sam Edelman; Ring & Earrings- Vintage
Jammin' to some Blind Melon right now. I've been listening to them since the early 90's. They NEVER get old to me. I can jam it any time. "All I can say is my life is pretty plain..." Yea right!! My life is nothing like plain! You gotta make it fun and exciting everyday! If you don't, noone will for you. You know? So, I jazz my life up all the time.
Tonight, the Jazzy Belle (me) and Sparkle Logic (Sheri) are having a slumber party! YAY! One of my very favorite things to do. I have two DIY projects in store for Miss Sheri Ashley and myself. I'll tell you guys about one of them.. Bib necklaces! I'm so excited. Don't expect me to post them tomorrow though. It'll probably be a few posts before they get put up. Sher and I are easily distracted while hanging out. The other DIY project is a surprise to you guys and her. ;) I thought it up today. Man.. side note.. dude is getting down on the harmonica in my ears right now on the song Walk. Man, I seriously LOVE this band!

Okay, next topic. The dress I'm wearing today. I'm so in love with it. The best part is that I forgot about it. I got the Anthropologie winter catalog back in the fall, the one w/ all the fake snow. As soon as i saw this dress I wanted it so badly. I was tempted to spend the $150 it cost originally on it. But, I decided to be responsible and selfless and spend my money on Christmas presents for others instead. BUT.. big BUT!!! I went by Anthro yesterday.. and guess what????.... There it was and for $40!!!! Yep $110 off! What What!

So, I'm wearing it today. Couldn't help it! I'm telling you guys.. I LOVE THIS DRESS! It's got black, mustard yellow (just reminded myself of Bee Girl from the Blind Melon "No Rain" video), silk, lace, and pockets! What a combo! Anthro- I heart you! Pretty much any dress w/ pockets is a keeper for me. :)

Well, enjoy the pics. Thanks for reading! I appreciate you my sweet friends and followers!
Keep on jamming through life.. It's better if you can let loose and dance a little!



Jony said...

Great look, especially the back of the dress is stunning!

I need your help badly!! Could you please vote for my outfit here:
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Thanks a million times!!!

Fashion is a Playground said...

Like your cardigan !

The Jazzy Belle said...

Done deal Jony! Good Luck!! xo

Athletiart said...

Beautiful look! You should see my blog dedicated to vintage leotards:

Please let me know what you think!