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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JB & Friends at House of Blues

"Lets get the show on the road babe.. Let the curtain take a bow.." Widespread Panic
Outside of House of Blues w/ Myles, Suzanna, and Scooter. The dinner and silent auction started at 4:30 that afternoon.
JB and Jimmy playing together... What an acoustic treat!?!!

JB playing Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing" just like I wanted!! w/ Susan Tedeschi.. It almost brought me to tears! It definitely made my night!

JB playing with Dereck Trucks, the husband of the beautiful Susan Tedeschi

Dereck and Susan playing w/their band, Jimmy Herring and Colonel Bruce Hampton

Another picture of everyone jamming out.. wish JB had been on stage then.. he came back out later though! :)
It was such an amazing weekend.. I think it gets better every year. The set started out w/ JB doing a solo acoustic set.. opened it w/ "Lets get the show on the road" into "Gradle" into "Mercy." It was absolutely Beautiful!!!
These guys jammed all night long. Susan is one bad mama jama on that guitar! She was getting down just as much if not more than the guys up there. I was cheering my heart out.
I will never miss this weekend of fun, fellowship, and charity again if I can help it. This is my third year. Its so nice to see familiar faces each time. There are amazing people all around, who love music and love a good cause. You can't ask for much more. The weather was awesome too! I put several links in my last post about the weekend. Links for Widespead Panic and Hannah's Buddies Organization are both listed.
Please check them out if you are at all interested. This amazing event happens every February.
Thanks for reading and sharing the excitement with me!

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