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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Chubby Cat

"Well they love like angels from up above, and three cool cats really fell in love.." The Beatles

trousers- Anthropologie; blouse- gift; necklace- vintage; shoes- Charlotte Russe

Chubs.. The sweetest cat in the world made the blog today! He's seriously the most snuggly cat you will ever meet. Loves to be loved!
At my parent's house in these shots.. Mom and I watched the Olympics together last night. I love the figure skating!! I wanted to be an ice skater as a kid.. That dream faded I guess. I was an excellent roller skater though! Even had a club w/ my friends called the "Neon Roses." Oh yea! We were all different flowers.. I was Daisy :) Most of us danced too.. The usual.. ballet, tap, jazz. I loved it.. Still do!
It's been uber cold in Alabama this week! It snowed 3 inches on Friday.. When I walked out of the office last night, It was snowing again! YAY! I wore these pants yesterday b/c they are so warm... made of wool. My mom got them for me last Christmas.
Well, I hope everyone's week has started off nicely! It's a short work week for me. Headed out to Orlando on Thursday... I'll be attending a charity golf tournament/concert this weekend. I'll tell more of that later though. :)


Partain said...

LOVE these pix! esp. those pants!! I also love how Chubby cat is posing for the pictures too

The Jazzy Belle said...

I know... My sweet Chub Chub is a fashion icon all his own :)

Orchid Grey said...

I wish we had TV so we could watch the olympics! I love watching the figure skaters, it's terrifying when they jump!